Proof copies of Chemical Serpents available

Well I said it was going to happen. The little paperback ‘Chemycal Serpents‘ is no longer available. This is because I’m just checking through proof copies of both the gold and silver editions of the final book, ‘Chemical Serpents’.  I will be correcting a few minor typos before final release, but if you’re eager to get your mitts on a collectors ‘proof copy’ edition of this book, with beautiful full colour artwork by Janice Duke, you can now do so. I’ll make a further announcement when the real first edition is officially released…

Chemical Serpents: The symbols of illumination

Gold Edition

The gold edition is hardbound with 116 large 21cm x 27.5cm full colour pages.  The colour scheme of the text and headers is themed on warm, solar, golden colours such as yellows, oranges and reds. It costs £50 GBP.

Silver Edition

The silver edition is paperback with 100 slightly larger 22cm x 28cm pages, also full colour. The colour scheme for text and headers is themed on cool, lunar colours such as grey, blue, cyan and purple. It costs £30 GBP.

A cheaper monochrome version of the book, and ebook editions will follow the final release versions of these collectors editions.

8 thoughts on “Proof copies of Chemical Serpents available”

  1. Brilliant @Anton! congratulations to yourself and Janice.
    The cover is very eyecatching to me, It looks perfect!
    put me down for a silver edition.
    I think I will really have to have the artwork in colour. 🙂

    I’m not sure how I would order the book, but I’m sure I’ll find a reference to that when it’s available.

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  2. @trace The final Silver edition will be available on Amazon, and if it sells well enough I might get it wider global distribution, but we’ll see. The Gold edition will only be available on Amazon via resellers because for some reason they don’t directly accept lulu books in that format. Oh well their loss. Both editions will be available direct from lulu anyway.

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