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It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Alex of the Natural Born Alchemist Podcast. We started by discussing my book, Chemical Serpents, serpent symbolism in alchemy and from there explored many topics, including entheogens, the illusion of culture, anarchist politics, spiritual anarchism, anarchist relationships with deities and spirits, the origins of Chaos Magic, Aleister Crowley and Austin Osman Spare.

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  1. Finally managed to listen to the whole thing. Well done guys- really good interview 😀 Only question- what the hell was that bit about dark eastern Europeans?? That makes me feel really special and bad… 😀 Providing my recent fascination with Lucifer and fallen angels I guess it adds up 😉

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  2. I think that bit was on the Avi Lago Show, not this Natural Born Alchemist podcast, but I guess if you listened to them both back to back they could blur into one.

    Not sure where the whole ‘Dark Eastern Europeans’ thing comes from. Perhaps its by association to Romania and especially Transylvania and thus the ‘Dracula’ novel? Or maybe a result of old cold war propaganda?

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  3. Hahaha! That makes sense now… I had a feeling that these podcasts were separate… Yes- Dracula, Gypsies, Tarot etc… That’s us Eastern European freaks

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  4. I like your ideas about making friends with spirits guys. It sounds good, so much better than the whole master and slave approach… I think you should post something about this on Kia- I have another three articles ready and one more in mind 😀 I don’t want to flood this place completely 😀

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  5. I meant Avi Lago show again, although Anton said something about that too on the other podcast… As regards the chemical serpents, the alchemy etc.- that’s very personal for me now with all the kundalini stuff 🙂 It’s not a coincidence that the Church named the serpent as the root of evil 😉

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