Anton’s spiritual journey of self-discovery began in the Roman Catholic church, but later expanded to include meditation and the Korean martial art practise of Tae Kwon Do. In the former, they took up practise as an altar boy, and later as a teenager began readings at mass and training as a minister of the Eucharist. Whilst in the latter they attained black belt 1st dan. Aged sixteen they began exploring Tarot and psychic visualisation exercises whilst remaining active in the church. As a young adult however they found the authoritarian teachings of the Vatican rather suspect, and began to question the version of Christianity modern society practised till he eventually rejected the religion in favour of paganism and chaos magic.

They joined and became active in a group called the ‘Illuminates of Thanateros’, a hierarchical chaos magic group with a healthy disrespect for authority. None-the-less they eventually felt the need for a hierarchy misplaced and problematic, and formed the Kaotic and Illuminated Adepts. During this time they remained part of the IOT for a few years more, and published their first book Kaos Hieroglyphica: Alchemy for the New Aeon, an exploration and expansion of the Eight Colours system described by Pete Carroll in ‘Liber Kaos’.

Since then, they have explored working in many other traditions including QiGong and Tai Chi, Zen, Japanese Tantric Buddhism, Thelema, Gnosticism, Hermetic Alchemy and collaboration with many deities, animal and plant spirits, and other guides. The serpent, on a series of illuminations and awakenings that lead to the writing of Chemical Serpents, played an especially important role.

Chemical Serpents: The symbols of illumination

During this time they have also learnt to embrace an anti-authoritarian and mystical interpretation of Christianity, which they feel has been an important part of reclaiming their own spiritual upbringing, transforming it alchemically into something positive and useful.