Chemical Serpents:

Symbols of Illumination

Chemical Serpents: The symbols of illumination A book in which I explore the serpent in alchemical symbolism and its roots and parallels in much of the world’s magic, religious and mystical symbolism.

From the back cover:

Ubiquitous throughout human history, the serpent has been with us in many forms and guises, wending its way into our earliest rituals and imaginings.

With the serpent as his guide, chaos alchemist Anton Channing explores the alchemical, mystical, magical and mythological symbols of the path to illumination found throughout the world’s mystery schools and religions. A journey that spans the practises of meditation, contact with spirits, astral journeys to the heavens and the underworld, sexual mysteries, entheogenic sacraments and the discovery of one’s own true will.

Kaos Hieroglyphica:

Alchemy for a new Aeon.

A book in which I explore the alchemical roots of much of the Chaos Magic writings of Peter J Carroll.

From the back cover:

In the year 1564, Dr John Dee published his work, Monas Hieroglyphica. Its central symbol represented the unity which was the gnosis of the monotheistic aeon.

Now over four hundred years later, Anton Channing has published his long awaited debut work Kaos Hieroglyphica, within which he expounds a new symbol, the Kaos Hieroglyph. This symbol represents the plurality and freedom of the New Aeon.

This work of magical alchemy draws on such diverse material as Thelema, the Chaos Current, the Maat Current, Timothy Leary, Witchcraft, Paganism, the Hermetic Tradition, Taoism, Shamanism and the author’s own Pineal Gland.

Kaos Hieroglyphica offers the reader interpretations of Hermetic symbolism in a way that is both insightful and relevant to New Aeon Magic.

My contributions to other books:

Chaos Monkey by Jaq D Hawkins

Chaos Monkey

In addition to writing the forward, I also contributed all of numerous internal illustrations and the black ink-work for the cover design.

Understanding Chaos Magic by Jaq D Hawkins

Understanding Chaos MagicI provided several internal illustrations for the second edition of this book including a portrait of Austin Osman Spare. These were also used in the German translation.

The Chaos Cookbook (ed DJ Lawrence)

Chaos CookbookI contributed a few rituals to this collection.

Liber Malorum: Children of the Apple

Liber Malorum: Children of the AppleFor this collection of short stories, I wrote a story entitled ‘Who Can You Trust?’