Natural Born Alchemist Podcast


It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Alex of the Natural Born Alchemist Podcast. We started by discussing my book, Chemical Serpents, serpent symbolism in alchemy and from there explored many topics, including entheogens, the illusion of culture, anarchist politics, spiritual anarchism, anarchist relationships with deities and spirits, the origins of Chaos Magic, Aleister Crowley and Austin Osman Spare.

Chemical Serpents now out in Gold and Silver first editions

Forgot to mention this when the release happened on the publisher website, but you can now purchase Chemical Serpents in both Gold and Silver editions. Gold editions are currently at a discount price of £50GBP, but we will not be able to sustain that retail price for long, so if you want this collector’s edition at that price you ought to buy one soon.

Chemical Serpents: The symbols of illumination

More info on the gold edition.

More info on the silver edition.

Chemycal Serpents – Part 1: Symbols of Illumination

I just released a special preview edition of my latest book, Chemycal Serpents. It contains the first draft of Part 1: Symbols of Illumination. This covers a basic outline of the main symbols used in alchemical, mystical and magical traditions, their similarities and relationships and my interpretation of the overall message they convey, that of illumination.

The actual finished book may be a few years away, so those that want to see my latest work now can buy a preview of the booklet from lulu: I will in time add one more chapter to the booklet though, so if you want the full version I advise you to wait. This preview edition is for collectors and the curious only.