Festival23 part 2

continued from Festival23 part 1.


Friday evening

After the opening ritual we stayed around for Cat Vincent’s workshop DADA 101: An introduction to Defence Against the Dark Arts. The name obviously drawing influence from Harry Potter, this workshop concerned magical protection and defence, with a focus on using visualisation and energy work to create a protective shield. It drew a chuckle when Cat called me onto the stage at one point for a demonstration, and I feigned biting me nails with eyes wide with terror when looking back at the workshop participants, but the exercise was really about sending and receiving energy, and Cat soon had everyone pairing off and trying it for themselves. Other techniques learned included creating an energy filter for only letting in desired energies and block those that might be harmful…


The final highlight of the evening for Dana and I was the Alan Moore film. Alan shared his views on counter culture and how he hoped Festival23 would help foment a new counter culture, and his announcement that he was donating free complete sets of his magazine,  Dodgem Logic, to everyone that attended the festival. Dana and I helped unpack and distribute these from the community shop, where Dana was selling some of her Trollkona Crafts products.


The next morning we saw everyone getting excited about the Happy Hardcore Aerobics, something we had to miss due to our healing tattoos. Our morning therefore began with Dave Lee’s chanting session to empower an egregore that empowers chemognosis, or entheogenic powered magic. This consisted of runic chants and, if I remember correctly, a bindrune or sigil of somekind.


After lunch we wondered on down to the Pyramind stage to watch Planet 9 perform. This was a stunning performance. We had previous online contact with one of the vocalists, Jo Sims, and it was great to watch her perform and introduce ourselves to her after the show, even if our paths didn’t really cross again after that.


After watching Future Zen Puppetry (featuring the puppet Alan Watts) and Dr Bramwell discuss his haunted moustache, we arrived at Seani Love and Sophie Wisdom’s two hour workshop Eris meats Eros. One of the longer events happening at the festival, 2 hours went by quickly and seemed hardly enough. Time flies when you’re having fun! The highlight for me was the introduction of maybe logic into consent. Instead of binary yes/no consent, a maybe lets your partner know that you aren’t sure but might be willing to try. In effect it allows them to interpret the maybe as a yes or a no, but signals that they are crossing a boundary. It does this in a fun and playful way that enhances the erotic feel of the situation, rather than requiring serious explanation. Both Seani and Sophie were real stars…


My mind is pretty blank concerning the rest of Saturday evening. We were pretty tired, however we did make our first appearances as Agent V and Agent M that night, walking around most of the venues of the festival. Which performers were on as we wondered by I couldn’t tell you though.


We did take some photos in the various art installations of the Destablise area though, including with the ‘Pimp my dalek’ and the puppet William Burroughs.



Dana did her turn looking after the community shop on Sunday morning, and I helped out and kept her company.


We finished just in time to make it to Seani Love and Sophie Wisdom’s second workshop Chaos Tantra. This was pretty much a continuation of Eris meats Eros, although it had a mixed crowd. Dana and I got more adventurous this time round, deciding to partner with strangers for the exercises rather than each other. I think this allowed us to become more exploratory and discover more about ourselves. Again, the two hours passed quickly and I felt I could do with a long weekend of nothing but Seani and Sophie!

Next we saw The Book of Will -intentions. This was basically a run through of a play by Daisy Eris Campbell, with the main players and a few stand-ins reading out their lines from the first draft. The play was entertaining, mystical, humorous and Discordian. It felt great to be present during its very first read through. Especially since we had helped fund her previous project, the Cosmic Trigger play, but were unable to attend for various reasons.


However, later that evening I would get to see the Cosmic Trigger Cabaret, which featured much of the cast performing their weird and wonderful and amazingly hilarious routines.


By this time Dana and I were back as Agent’s V and M. MIB’s being effectively underworld spirits, come to close the ceremony, reminding us that all things come to an end, much like the role played by the Ghede in Vodou.

Which brings us nicely to what for us formed the closing ritual, the burning of a cross made of new age ‘self help’ books…


Natural Born Alchemist Podcast


It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Alex of the Natural Born Alchemist Podcast. We started by discussing my book, Chemical Serpents, serpent symbolism in alchemy and from there explored many topics, including entheogens, the illusion of culture, anarchist politics, spiritual anarchism, anarchist relationships with deities and spirits, the origins of Chaos Magic, Aleister Crowley and Austin Osman Spare.

Chemical Serpents on the Avi Lago Show

Dana Varahi and myself had an amazing chat on the ‘Avi Lago Show‘ with host Avi Lago about my book Chemical Serpents, our magical film project, Alchemical.TV and the occult operations of illumination and evocation.  I also briefly describe the KIA Speaks program for receiving communication from the egregore of the KIA Invisible Agents.  The discussion takes us on a journey through quite a lot of topics but all of which make for quite an interesting listen. Enjoy… 🙂

I hope the show is a success and we’ll be back to talk to Avi in some more depth about some of the topics we touched on.

Chemical Serpents latest

First off I would like to thank all those who purchased a preview copy of my incomplete latest book ‘Chemycal Serpents: Part 1 Symbols of Illumination’.  I hope you have found the material so far presented useful, informative and inspirational.  I’ve put a lot of research into this particular work and have found it a very inspirational and illuminating journey writing it.  This isn’t the book I set out to write.  My research changed all that.  It made it better.  As a result I feel like this book wrote itself through me.

I am currently drawing to a close on writing the final chapter.  I’ve made some slight changes to the title of the book.  I’ve opted that the final title will be ‘Chemical Serpents: The symbols of illumination’.  Notice ‘Chemical’ and not ‘Chemycal’.  I’ve opted for the more modern spelling as I feel its less pretentious.  Notice also I have dropped the ‘Part 1’.  This was to signify that the contents were but the first part of a larger project, giving background on symbolism and history in preparation for a more practical treatise on sexual mysteries and use of entheogenic sacraments.   It still is the first part of such a series, its just that I’ve decided the next part will have its own title.

So those of you who have purchased a copy so far have a rather exclusive version of the book.  The final version won’t even have that image on the cover, its just a place holder.  But if you want a copy of this limited preview with the wrong title, you still have a chance to obtain one.  It will be available on lulu until I get around to finishing the last chapter and designing the new cover.  This might be sooner that you think.