Happy 999 Balloons and Engagement

After a wonderful first year living together, Lolita Perdurabo and I decided to get engaged for alchemycal wedding. We first announced this engagement to our families whilst visiting Krakow around the Summer Solstice. Here Lolita found my engagement ring, and we held a party with her family. Later I bought her ring in Plymouth when where we held a party with my family. Hopefully we can arrange for both families to meet for the actual wedding.

Also in Krakow we rode on the Balloon they have there. Later here in Bristol we enjoyed watching the balloon fest with a sky full of Balloons, so in our party in Plymouth we included a helium heart balloon as part of the decoration. A couple of weeks later and it still floats and we decided to release it today, at 9 minutes past 9pm BST on the date of 09/09/09. It floated off into the night and became a star!