A tarot consultation with Idris ElSenussi

I’ve known Idris online mainly through their participation and contributions to the #OpIntruder project and the KIA Invisible Agents facebook group. So when they approached me for an endorsement for their tarot reading business, I naturally wanted to help out. However, not having made use of the service I decided that first order of business would be to test their skills by booking a session.

I.N.S Arts and Crafts

Dana and I have a lot of things going on in our lives right now, so we had plenty of topics to chose from, both concerning personal and family matters, fallout from changes in the global politics, and various books, films and ongoing magical operations.

However, we opted in the end to perform a reading on a project we have begun working on but have yet to mentioned to anyone else. We mentioned to Idris that we wanted a reading on a project we were reading on. We didn’t tell them what, and they didn’t ask. We had a specific project in mind, but for Idris we left it vague. Whilst in our case we may have said more if asked, we should point out that we see it as a strength that they didn’t. They will respect your privacy.

The reading took place via a facebook video chat. I’d never used this feature before but it seems to work much like skype and jabber, the other two video chat services I’ve used previously. It crashed a few times but we were usually able to reconnect before a minute was up. Living in the Scottish highlands I’m used to intermittent internet, and suspect this was a problem my end and not theirs.

Book of Kaos Tarot by OrryelleIdris used Orryelle’s ‘The Book of Kaos’ Tarot for the reading. Their reading style involved showing the cards to the camera so we got the idea of the image, then sharing their interpretation. Their interpretations usually resulted from reading combinations of cards rather than single cards, and this proved quite effective.

There were many good points raised in the reading, many important aspects of the project that we were neglecting. It was very useful to get reminders of things which we know are important, and know we are prone to neglect, but had none-the-less forgotten all about.

We came out of the reading with a checklist of tasks to perform in order to make our project a success, tasks we may have neglected left to our own devices. These were not arbitrary, but tasks that once stated, obviously need our attention, but which we have a tendency to overlook due to personal strengths and weaknesses. As a result the reading has proved invaluable.

To book a reading with Idris, visit their facebook page I.N.S Arts and crafts.