Chemical Serpents latest

First off I would like to thank all those who purchased a preview copy of my incomplete latest book ‘Chemycal Serpents: Part 1 Symbols of Illumination’.  I hope you have found the material so far presented useful, informative and inspirational.  I’ve put a lot of research into this particular work and have found it a very inspirational and illuminating journey writing it.  This isn’t the book I set out to write.  My research changed all that.  It made it better.  As a result I feel like this book wrote itself through me.

I am currently drawing to a close on writing the final chapter.  I’ve made some slight changes to the title of the book.  I’ve opted that the final title will be ‘Chemical Serpents: The symbols of illumination’.  Notice ‘Chemical’ and not ‘Chemycal’.  I’ve opted for the more modern spelling as I feel its less pretentious.  Notice also I have dropped the ‘Part 1’.  This was to signify that the contents were but the first part of a larger project, giving background on symbolism and history in preparation for a more practical treatise on sexual mysteries and use of entheogenic sacraments.   It still is the first part of such a series, its just that I’ve decided the next part will have its own title.

So those of you who have purchased a copy so far have a rather exclusive version of the book.  The final version won’t even have that image on the cover, its just a place holder.  But if you want a copy of this limited preview with the wrong title, you still have a chance to obtain one.  It will be available on lulu until I get around to finishing the last chapter and designing the new cover.  This might be sooner that you think.

Chemycal Serpents – Part 1: Symbols of Illumination

I just released a special preview edition of my latest book, Chemycal Serpents. It contains the first draft of Part 1: Symbols of Illumination. This covers a basic outline of the main symbols used in alchemical, mystical and magical traditions, their similarities and relationships and my interpretation of the overall message they convey, that of illumination.

The actual finished book may be a few years away, so those that want to see my latest work now can buy a preview of the booklet from lulu: I will in time add one more chapter to the booklet though, so if you want the full version I advise you to wait. This preview edition is for collectors and the curious only.