My parents and Grant Morrison, MBEs

It came as quite a surprise to me but my parents have been awarded MBE’s for their services to children and families.  Now it happens I think Britain deserves better than a medieval hereditary dictatorship for its head of state.  I haven’t gone as far as joining Republic (yet) although I agree with many of their points.  But I hold no animosity towards the Royal family as people and if they wish to recognise the hard work and dedication my parents have put in improving the lives of many children and their families, not just as part of their job but beyond maintaining friendships with many of the people they fostered long after they have grown up and become adults and my parents have no financial reward for continuing to support them, then I think that’s great.

Mum, Dad, I am proud of you both.  I was anyway, an award from the Queen doesn’t change that, but I’m happy to see you both recognised in this way.

Also recognised with an MBE is comic writer Grant Morrison.  I’d love to meet the guy myself but it seems my parents might beat me to it.  I feel slightly jealous of that!  But it does feel slightly odd that Mr Morrison has gained such an award given the political tone of his comics.  And given that he once portrayed the Queen and her government naked and cowering.  And the plot of the Invisibles did seem to involve a hideous man eating monster being in line for the throne if I remember correctly.  Despite the overall promotion of anarchist politics and chaos magic in the series.

Everything feels really weird and dreamlike at the moment.  Like I might wake up tomorrow and find I dreamt all this…