Satanic Ritual Abuse

Between 1980 and 1995 a ‘moral panic’ originating in a falsified autobiography swept through the USA and beyond, known at the time as ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse‘.  Whilst by the end of this panic the phenomena was exposed as the defamatory anti-occultist and anti-pagan propaganda of fundamentalist Christianity, for a time it was taken seriously by the media and authorities and before it was discredited many victims suffered lengthy trails, wrongful imprisonment and loss of employment.  Other pagan families had their children taken into care merely on the basis of their religion.

At the root of this moral panic was fundamentalist belief or scare story of a worldwide satanic conspiracy, a belief in a satanic New World Order that persists even to this day.  When you look more deeply at these conspiracy theories you will find that at their root they are merely a code for antisemetism, of the kind that has its roots in the forged ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion‘. This was exposed as a hoax pretty quickly after it was first published in 1903, but that hasn’t stopped antisemites using it in their propaganda ever since, including Hitler who publicised it as a valid document and had it taught in German class rooms.

One might go further back and compare the scare to the witch trails, or even further to the accusations against the Knights Templar (basically that they had converted to Islam).  These scare stories tend to be used by authoritarian power seekers in order to dupe the public into supporting their rise to power and accepting their draconian measures in order to defeat a perceived (though imaginary) greater threat.

I had all but forgotten about the SRA scare until I was informed by friends that a certain someone, who I will refer to as N accused me, along with a host of other people, of taking part in such an event that was supposed to have occurred back in 2004. The supposed victim of this ‘black mass’ being O, the son of his girlfriend J.

The accusation basically boils down to a list of people that N and J have fallen out with over the years for who knows what reasons. At best, this is a disturbing paranoid fantasy, at worst this is a deliberate and psychopathic attempt to defame all his (perceived) enemies and to manipulate others into doing them harm.

To be clear, and to expose the absurdity of this list, it includes:
PM: An ex lover of N.  I knew him in the past, but have been involved in no sexual context with them.

NW: An ex lover of N, with whom he fought a bitter custody battle over their daughter, R. I knew her. She was my mentor in Chaos Magick.  I’ve been involved in no sexual context with them. NW is close friends with PM, which probably goes some way to explaining N‘s animosity to PM also. She hasn’t really talked to me properly since around 2001 because I tried to remain neutral in her fight with N, and as a consequence hasn’t trusted me since then. Unfortunately this lead me to being closer friends with N since that time.

PP: An ex hetero lover of J, and father of O.  I understand only that J left PP for N, after N presided as priest in a Wiccan handfasting ceremony for them. I met this guy once, when he was still with J. I was introduced to both himself and J by N during a public witchcraft conference in Croydon. N told me of his intentions to take J away from PP at the time. This is the only time I ever met PP. I don’t even recall what he looks like.

A&A: The mother and step-father of N.  I’ve only ever met them in the presence of both N. Quite why he has fallen out with them enough to include them on this list, I simply don’t know.

AL: Another ex of N. Her current partner is also mentioned, although not in name.  I have no idea who this is, whether they are male or female or whether N even knows them. I’ve only met her when she was the partner of N. Doesn’t get on with NW as far as I’m aware, or at least she didn’t at the time.

JV: Co-wrote a book with NW. No idea what relationship he has to N otherwise. Presumably just guilty and deserving of being listed by professional association with a perceived enemy.

JH: An ex of mine. Was friends with N for a long time.  Apparently no longer. I have no idea what they fell out over. JH really doesn’t like NW or AL, so the chance of these three being in the same room is pretty remote, let alone conspiring anything together.

MM: Publisher of N‘s book. N holds grudge against MM for later publishing chaos magic books by authors that N doesn’t like, including JV and NW.  Also published my first book.  I’ve met him a few times at pagan markets and occult talks.

RH: I have no idea who this is. Shares surname with N. Maybe his biological dad? I know he holds grudge against biological father for being a millionaire and not providing him with a trust fund.  Claims dad blew fortune on cocaine and whores without giving him any of it. But given his trustworthiness (or lack thereof) on other matters, who knows if N‘s dad was ever actually rich. I certainly don’t.  Whether his dad or not, I don’t know this person.

CB: Another person I’ve never met and don’t know. Claims they are jailed for life. Possibly included in an attempt to lend credence to the claims if CB is jailed for paedophilia or something similar.

These claims, though absurd are no laughing matter.  When people like N make false allegations like this they make genuine cases of child abuse harder to prosecute.  Just as false allegations of rape make it harder for real victims of rape to get justice or be taken seriously.  By playing on peoples superstitious fear of minority spiritual traditions, they also try to slander these traditions with wild unsubstantiated claims, which leads to religious hatred, bigotry and persecution. The Romans made such claims about the early Christians. The Christians made such claims about heretics and witches. The Nazi’s and Fascists made such claims about the Jews.  That these claims originate from within the occult community this time, rather than authoritarian fundamentalists with a political agenda of defamation against us, makes this behaviour all the more abhorrent.

I ended my friendship with N several years ago, by simply disappearing out of his life. I had pretty much forgotten about him and was quietly getting on with my own life.  Quite why he sees fit to include me in his list, I had no idea. I suppose I knew he’d do this eventually. He even threatened me back when we were still ‘friends’ that he’d make such claims if I didn’t do as he said. This is partly why I ended our friendship in the first place. Other than that, his paranoid behaviour, which when I first met him I mistook for depression, became more and more extreme, increasingly manifesting in violent outbursts, incoherent rants and occasionally physical violence. The man I had mistaken for a victim suffering from a mix of depression and anger against those that hurt him, I came to realise was actually exhibiting psychopathic behaviour. By this, I mean anyone that knows him well enough would tick most, if not all, of the boxes on the checklist of psychopathic traits.  Obviously this isn’t a clinical diagnosis, I’m not a qualified psychologist, but for me it does ring alarm bells.  Nor is it as far fetched a speculation as it might first appear. Apparently around 4% of people have antisocial personality, which is slightly higher than the rate for anorexia. Notably, the list of psychopathic traits includes pathological lying.

Whilst I’m on the subject of psychopathy, I think people really should study the subject, familiarise themselves with the manipulation techniques they use, because ignorance of these really does make you more vulnerable. With antisocial personality and related disorders so common, arming yourself with knowledge of these tricks really will make you safer, and your life better. Society should stop stigmatising the study of psychopathy as the preserve of goths, weirdos  and fans of horror thrillers. Psychopathic killers make up only a small fraction of all psychopaths, but all of them can make your life hell if you don’t know how to stop them.

After sifting through a lot of spam messages on this site, I came across some anonymous hate messages, obviously from N, that reveal that he mistakenly thinks I’m back in contact with the IOT, or even that I’ve rejoined that Chaos Magic order. The reason being some of the people in the list above are members of said organisation. Apparently that is enough of a crime in his mind to justify the above slanderous accusations. Perhaps I also irked him because I recently speculated positively about the book by NW and JV, and spurned an opportunity to meet with him in Bristol when I was passing through in August.